We are Manufacturer of Bentonite Black Granules,They are used as a carrier formulation of Bio-fertilizers, Plants Growth Promoter etc. These granules are mostly used in fertilizers and Agriculture Industries,Bentonite Granules can be easily mix with seed before sowing. It has properties of hardness and high absorbent capacity. It has natural properties to absorb and release active ingredients slowly to grow the plant faster and better. It is an Ecofriendly product.

Benefits of Roasted Bentonite

  • It acts as preservative of active ingredients. It saves the technical ingredients from the direct ultraviolet rays of sun.
  • It is in the form of granules so it’s easy to apply in the field in wind condition and also on the standing crop.
  • It can be easily mix with seed before sowing. Due its hardness and high absorbent capacity while formulation it doesn’t stick to the wall of granulator or form cakes.
  • Hence it doesn’t contaminate the technical material formulated on it. After it comes in contact of water it releases the active ingredients slowly over a long period of time hence reducing the chances of wash out in high rain or water logging condition.
  • As the raw clay used to make blank granules is soft by nature hence make the land softer and moist. In spite of the above mentioned wide uses and benefits it is a low cost filler material.